Lent Prep – Jimmy Akin on Fasting, plus Jen’s Motherly Exhortation

You’ll recall last Advent I shared a mega-link on the physiology of extended fasting.  Meanwhile, Jimmy Akin (whom you should read), has been fasting for health reasons, and now has started sharing his experiences:

  • Fasting Notes – His initial report on his experiment with eating just one meal a day as a means of losing weight.
  • Fasting Update 1 – Q&A on all things related to his experient. (Religion, doctors, etc. etc.)
  • Why Newspaper Diet Advice is Terrible – I just thought this was funny.  When apologists talk about nutrition, next thing you know, they’re fisking bad journalism. Ha!

If you’re one of those people who’d be happy just to scrape through a Lenten Friday without violating any Precepts of the Church, I’ve got you covered in my 101 on Lenten Tactics: Thwarting the Meat Demon.

Prayer and fasting is the beginning of everything.  Everything.  So if you suck at it?  You can’t just give up.  Try learning a little bit more about how it’s done, and maybe that will help you make a better go of it this Lent.

File:Felis catus-cat on snow.jpg

Once again, this cat photo replaces 1000 words on the miseries of Lent.  Photo by Von.grzanka (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons