3.5 Time Outs: Prayer Requests

Thanks once again to our host, Larry D. at Acts of the Apostasy, who has not kicked me off his minion-list despite my poor attendance.

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Please keep Sandra L. of this combox in your prayers today.  She has a super-miserable tough day today, and it won’t be an easy week either.


Please pray for the strength and consolation for a friend’s sister-in-law, who is very close to death, and for all her family.  They’ve moved up a planned wedding of one of the children to this weekend, in the hopes the mom will be able to attend before she dies.


<Insert your intention here.>  I know there are plenty of other needs out there.


Still need prayers on the writing front.  Whatever God wants is AOK with me.  But knowing what that is and being sure it happens?  Pray!  Thank you.



And with that, I’m back to regular life.  I’ll keep y’all in my prayers, and I’m trying to work through my blogging backlog in addition to doing all the other stuff I need to do, so look for me to pop in with this or that, time permitting.  Have a great week!

(And yes, you can post links.  I am, by the way, reading comments.  Oh, about once a week, but I am.  And trying to reply as well.)

4 thoughts on “3.5 Time Outs: Prayer Requests

  1. Praying for all of your intentions, as well as my husband’s grandmother. She’s collecting heart surgeries like they’re going out of style. This week we’ve had heart attacks number 5, 6, and 7. Cath and Angio scheduled for today.

    Also, I’m not sure if I mentioned it, but our campgrounds was consumed by a wildfire in June. We were fortunate to lose things that won’t be too hard to replace (swing set, outbuildings) and not the very big stuff (oh, dining room/dorm building). But our board of directors (me!) is having a meeting Sunday to make a master plan for the campgrounds. Big decisions. (BTW, it’s in Wyoming, and $15 a night per person, sleeps around 70. Trees? Who needs trees?)

    And I just so happen to have a link this week! Here’s a really awesome story about caring for others across the interwebs.

  2. I’ll be including these prayer intentions when I go to my Holy Hour Saturday night.

    And kick you out?!? Ha! As if! In fact, I will get your 3.5 added to the list (can’t right now, but will do so later).

    I will also return with a link.

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