7 Quick Takes: PSA’s

Many thanks to our hostess Hallie Lord, who is not taking attendance while Jen Fulwiler is on writing-leave, so hopefully I won’t be demoted for participating late.


Funnix is running the free-download program again.  I don’t see the deadline, but I’m going to guess it is only during February.  (They did this last year.  Thank you kind phonics people.  Also thank you to my internet acquaintance Cynthia for pointing me and other moms to the link.)  I have no particularly opinion on the program other than that some people like it and, look! free!


I’ve entered this new special time in my life as an internet person, when I receive not just spam, but Catholic Spam.  It’s sorta weird.  But here’s the unsettling part:  Sometimes I really cannot tell if I’ve gotten a Catholic-Spam Troll Form Letter, or if there’s a human who knows me (if only via a blog) and is trying to communicate useful information, but has accidentally written an e-mail that has the look-n-feel of Spamalot.

So anyway, the PSA is this:  If you are a real live person who wanted to share a link or tell me about your great works, and the first time you e-mailed me it got lost in cyberspace and you never ever heard anything . . . just e-mail me again?  Okay?  With some extra words this time that maybe tell me how you know me (this blog, or the CWG, or you’re a friend of my friend’s cousin’s uncle-in-law, or whatever) and anything else that would help establish yourself as a sentient creature who knows my name.



What kind of dog is this?

A stray dog.  Possibly a lucky dog.  Well, lucky whether he ends up here or moves to the local no-kill, where I’m sure he’ll find a home because he is both cute and nice.  If energetic.  My facebook friends are voting Jack Russell, with maybe some Fox Terrier or Bull Terrier.  Any other votes?


A few months ago I subscribed to the Jimmy Akin Secret Info Club.  Yes, yes, of course it exists to help the man sell books.  He writes good books.  And no, the information is not truly secret . . . in the sense that comes from sources that people treat as classified documents but actually you are allowed to read them, such as the Bible, or the Catechism, or the writings of the Church fathers.

But hey, it’s a handy little newsletter.  About once a month I get a short e-mail that is a refresher on some topic related to the faith — for example this month’s was on private vs. public revelation.  Nothing earth-shattering, but sort of a continuing-ed workshop delivered straight your inbox.  Worth checking out.


It’s that time again. Allie Hathaway.  Pray.


If you like to write, go register for the Catholic Writers Conference Online.  No, really.  Even if you aren’t Catholic*.  It is free, open to the public, and you can participate as much or as little as you like.  Which means if you discover you hate it or you’d rather be learning something else that week, nothing lost.  Because remember, free?

Registration closes . . . I’m not sure when.  I thought March 1, but I don’t see the date, so I can’t be 100% sure.  But look if you obey your local blogger and just sign up right now, it won’t matter when registration closes.

So what’s the catch?

You would be, in your own small way, cooperating with the mission of the Catholic Writers Guild.  Which is to fill the world with more better writers.


*It is like attending any Catholic school, you have to be polite and not say mean things in class.  But whereas the specific mission of the CWG is to promote Catholic writing and publishing, the online conference includes topics of interest to any writer.  If you read here, you totally have what it takes to attend the online conference and enjoy it.


6 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: PSA’s

  1. Hi, how are you doing? 😀

    1. I never heard of that program, and by the way you say your opinion about it, I don’t think I’m interested in it, too.

    2. Spam… I never imagined though that one could get Catholic spam. I’m guessing it’s just one of those trolls looking for trouble. We has spam at the forums I think it was last week or two.

    You’re right, those real people and Catholics who want to really sign up to let you know where they heard about it. In detail would be most helpful.

    3. You skipped number 3, LOL! 😉

    4. I don’t know what kind of dog that is but it almost resembles a Jack Russell like a blog friend I had. Maybe a fox terrier? I do know that a bull Terrier is like the Spuds McKensie Dog.

    5. Thanks for letting us know about the Akin Club. I’m not surprised that the info is basic info that many people already know. Seems like most things advertised such as this make it seem like it is a secret.

    6. Allie Hathaway? Who is she?

    7. I registered last month to the Catholic writers conference but there’s nothing to look. It says that registration is closed until March. I don’t get it, if registration starts then, how come I was able to? Confusing, but I’m going to check it out. I never took an online conference before. 🙂

    1. 1. Hilda – I just haven’t used it! I know some people love it, but I can’t give a review because I don’t have experience with it.

      3. What? How’d I miss that. Oh nuts.

      5. He’s just having fun with the idea of secret clubs. It’s a great newsletter.

      6. Allie is a friend of my daughter’s, and the daughter of John Hathaway who writes The Lewis Crusade blog. She was given a very poor prognosis this fall that turned out not to be nearly so bad on second and third opinion, but she could still use prayers as her health is still very precarious.

      7. I’ll let Karina know about the registration glitch – thanks for pointing it out. There won’t be any forums up or anything until closer to the date, but you should have a working user account once you register.

    1. Rat terrier might explain the snout. It does seem longer than the Jack Russell pic’s I’ve seen. (Everyone is saying Jack R. overall.) So are the short tails natural? I had thought it was bobbed.

      [I would not be one to know the difference. We owned a cocker spaniel when I was a child, so I just tend to think short = snipped.]

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